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In July 2007, Allard Marx was working on the Delfino car project. He wanted to find a clean and sustainable energy source while offsetting the damage that had already been done to our planet.While “delfino” means dolphin in Italian, adopting one seemed a little silly. Instead, Allard reasoned that he should help the planet by reducing the project’s carbon footprint to offset damage and become carbon neutral. It made sense that this logic should also be applied to water. While researching the ways in which scientists measure air pollution, Allard found that there was no true measure for water pollution or ways of offsetting the damage we’ve done to our oceans.

Allard’s colleague Leopoldo Rodriquez soon introduced him to Susannah Stewart, an expert in sustainability. She was enthusiastic about the project and together they developed the water pollution acquatrail, the aquatic equivalent of the carbon footprint, and Marine Positive Ltd. was formed.

Despite these very positive steps in the right direction, water pollution continued to be largely ignored by the general public. In an attempt to raise awareness and educate, Allard also established the The Going Blue Foundation, a UK registered charity, to tackle this global problem. The phrase “Go Blue Too”, an aquatic adaptation of the “Going Green” movement, has continued to gain momentum since.

In 2008, Professor Roberto Danovaro published a scientific study in National Geographic and The Times indicating that the chemicals in most sun creams kill coral and irreversibly harm marine life. It was clear to Allard and his colleagues that they must collaborate with Professor Danovaro right away and together they continued to develop the acquatrail at Marche Polytechnic University. It is now the definitive and only formula for calculating monetary damage value to water pollution.

The next phase of development was clear: to improve sunscreen itself.

In 2009, Susannah tried approaching various cosmetic companies to scientifically develop a marine-positive sunscreen. Astonishingly, nobody was interested! With the help of many scientists and formulation experts, Aethic was founded and is now the leading name in eco-friendly sunscreen.

Over the course of two years, Allard, Susannah, Professor Danovaro and their team carefully tested every ingredient necessary for a successful sunscreen and chose only those that are the most eco-friendly. Their final product, Sôvée, quickly gained its own patent and is currently the only sunscreen in the world with a patented eco-compatible and vegan formula.

Sôvée boasts an impressive worldwide licence from King’s College London to use photamin, a naturally occurring ingredient found in seaweed that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, the cream is highly photostable and contains various antioxidant properties. It is currently the only sunscreen to be endorsed by Blue Flag, a world-renown eco-label that certifies beaches and marinas to raise awareness about environmental issues.

After years of hard work and collaboration, Aethic is proud to provide a thoroughly unique sunscreen that is safer for both your skin and the environment – and it all started with a dolphin.


Allard Marx

Allard Marx spent his early career starting up or turning around FMCG companies for multinationals and the next 20 years developing strategies for corporate brand consulting. Determined to give back to the environment and offset human damage, Allard founded Aethic to change the way we view skincare in relation to the environment and make a true difference.

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A decade ago the Dutch strategist and brand entrepreneur Allard Marx was fulfilling a dream by building the delfino feroce (fierce dolphin) convertible sports car in Italy.

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“Me and my surfer girlfriends have been using it the last two weeks. It smells good, feels good and works well. Now that I sampled it I’m actually missing it in my life. I really enjoy the smell and it isn’t too thick on the skin. Please send more”

Rochelle Ballard – Women’s Masters ISA World Champion 2012

“The best sunscreen I have ever used! And so nice on the face which is always usually a problem when surfing”

Sarah Beardmore, Former UK No. 1 surfer

“Post laser treatment, Sôvée’s ingredients allow the skin to calm and heal with the added benefit of protecting it without leaving the skin feeling heavy. The use of the lavender is very calming and anti-inflammatory. Sôvée can help with any treatment that increases skin heat”

Ms Rachna Sharma, Laser and Beauty Therapist, Beauty Works West, London

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