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Activated and Baked Nuts
Cathy Moseley
Head Office:
West Kington, UK
Health and Wellness, Food and Beverage
Ocado, Whole Foods, Fenwick – Newcastle, Sourced Market, Rola Wala, Borough Box, Barrecorre Gyms, and 15 offices across London including: Google, Morgan Stanley, Freshfields, and Deutsche Bank.



Boundless, a bold and refreshing new brand, is pushing the boundaries of conventional snacking by delivering on both taste and health in exciting new ways. Each pack of activated nuts and seeds provides a unique snacking experience through their unusual flavours and satisfying crunch; including cayenne and rosemary; tamari and aleppo; and orange, ginger, and maple.

Boundless fuses fun and flavour through its extremely bright, beautiful, and trendy packaging and provides a nutrient-dense, high fibre and perfectly-portioned treat guaranteed to keep your energy levels flowing throughout the day.

Boundless uses ancient Aztec and Aborigine techniques of soaking and baking the nuts and seeds to unlock their nutrients for better digestion. Their F.A.B. Method(TM) (Flood, Activate, Bake) is truly what separates this snack from other generic brands:

– FLOOD: First, they drench their nuts and seeds in water to kick start nature’s natural activation process.

– ACTIVATE: They then soak the nuts to remove the bitter phytic acid and protective enzymes, enabling better digestion.

– BAKE: Finally, they gently bake them using natural ingredients for a fuller flavour and lighter crunch.


Currently Boundless has three delicious flavours: Cayenne & Rosemary, Tamari & Aleppo, and Orange, Ginger & Maple. These three flavours are delicious, healthy, and the all-natural vegan snack nobody can resist!


Our History

We started out as busy street food business in a small village in Wiltshire and, ironically, had hardly any time to eat ourselves. Luckily, we did love to snack. But finding something super tasty, satisfying, moreish, and healthy was a challenge. So we started making our own snacks. We took our street food recipes and knowledge of old cooking traditions to create beautiful flavour combinations of soaked and baked nuts and seeds that gave us the energy boost, protein hit, fibre fill, and great taste we wanted. It’s slow food, supercharged for people on the go.



Cathy Moseley and Katie Wake

Cathy Moseley and Katie Wake are both passionate entrepreneurs that began Boundless in an effort to challenge current snacking trends and provide an alternative and unique treat using unconventional flavours previously unheard of in the industry. Amidst the overwhelmingly saturated market of “healthy” popcorn, crisp, and coconut brands, Cathy and Katie created an exciting snack that will satiate your munchies without compromising on taste or health.

Before Boundless, Cathy and Katie ran a street food business and craved healthier snacks to keep them buzzing throughout the day. As a celiac, Cathy always struggled to find snacks suitable for her diet. Using their street food recipes and knowledge of traditional cooking methods, Boundless was born. Packed with flavour, Boundless nuts and seeds pack an energy boost high in protein and fibre for those always on the go.

Moreover, they are proud supporters of Frank Water, a wonderful charity committed to providing safe drinking water and sanitation for impoverished communities across Nepal and India.


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West Kington, London, UK
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