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Serena Oppenheim
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Good Zing is a free web-based platform that allows everyone access to the best health and wellbeing tips for all of their everyday issues. Think of it like Yelp or TripAdvisor – but for health. Instead of finding restaurants or hotels, users can search for and peruse a variety of different options for various ailments through rated reviews for everything from anxiety to acne.

In addition to user-generated tips, there are recommendations from more than 200 verified and qualified practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, including doctors, health coaches, Ayurveda practitioners, nutritional therapists, and psychologists. With over 3000 wellbeing tips encompassing 180+ topics, this platform aims to be your ultimate database for wellbeing information.

Our History

One day, Serena was having breakfast with her sisters (both of whom have young children), her mother, and some friends. They were all sharing and discussing their favourite health tips for everything from diaper rash, to sunburn, to dealing with insomnia and even panic attacks. They soon found themselves in awe of the diversity of remedies each individual had to offer in addition to the complex questions they asked.

Oppenheim suddenly wondered why there wasn’t one site with all of this information like there is for car insurance or sourcing the perfect restaurant. It was in this moment that Good Zing truly came to life.


Serena Oppenheim

Prior to starting Good Zing, Serena Oppenheim led a renewable energy venture developing windfarm projects. After successfully exiting this business, Serena went on to gain her MBA from Columbia Business School. She has a Masters in International Affairs and Diplomacy from SOAS and earned her BA from Brown University.

Oppenheim is deeply passionate about providing easily-accessible healthcare tips for the public. Having experienced nine operations, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromalygia, and a whole host of other health issues, she on a mission to help everyone source the best information possible to guide them on their own self-care and health literacy journeys.

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33 Lowndes Street, London, UK
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“Thanks to Good Zing I found an an amazing tip for my daughters Eczema. I had never heard of using Omega-3 before.”

Selina, Mother of 3 Amsterdam, Holland

“I love the mission for Good Zing! I’m thrilled to see that someone has put the care and attention into creating a wellness library that aggregates this important health information, making it readily available and accessible.”

Justine Parker, USA, Ayurveda and Reiki Practioner

“Good Zing is my go-to place for incredible health tips that you can trust. I hop on the site all the time for a dose of expert, tried and tested advice, and always learn something new, even as a practitioner myself”

Chloe Brotheridge

“I feel a lovely buzz of anticipation when a Good Zing email pops into my inbox. I know that I’m in for a really good read, about something that interests me, written by people who know what they are talking about. ”

Rachel Kelly, Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker

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