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Building bolder, brighter, more balanced humans
Shivraj Bassi
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London, UK
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Innermost was founded to inspire people to make a difference to their lives through better health and wellbeing. We do that by challenging the status quo, and making products that are smart, holistic and effective. Our nutritional supplements aim to help people live bolder, brighter, more balanced lives.

Manufactured in the UK and developed by a team of leading nutritionists, each Innermost product has been formulated using evidence-based research and contain the right concentrations of ingredients you need with no artificial flavours, colours, or GMO nasties, with vegan options also available.

Innermost is a classic challenger brand – demonstrating real innovation and expertise alongside a desire to take on industry norms, and cater to an under-served public.

Our History

How it began: Every idea starts with a problem and ours was this: nutritional supplements are too often either confusing and complex or simple and uninspiring. The industry seems to struggle with unnecessary ingredients, jargon and a focus on body- image rather than true health.

Demand more: We thought nutrition should be straightforward and effective. So we started out by engaging with people, listening to what mattered to them and understanding their goals. We then challenged talented nutritionists to craft a unique tailored range of healthy products to help achieve them.

Defy average: By developing our products in-house using evidence-based research, we’ve been able to craft a ground-breaking range of products, including vegan options, that contain balanced combinations of functional superfoods, protein and naturally nutritious ingredients that work together to give something greater than the sum of the parts.

Not all nutrition is created equal: Because each product is created from the ground up, they each contain the precise selection of ingredients you need with no artificial flavours, colours, fillers or GMO nasties and absolutely no mystery ingredients. Furthermore, everything we make is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

It’s what’s inside that matters: Our focus is the real emotive benefits of health and fitness, challenging conventions, and creating unique products and experiences for people to live bolder, brighter, more balanced lives. After all, it’s what’s inside that matters. Join the circle.



Shivraj Bassi

Shivraj is the founder of the business. Born and raised in London, he brings many years of experience from the world of investment banking during his years as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs and a Partner at Blacktree Investments. He holds an undergraduate degree from Imperial College London.

Shiv created Innermost after finding there were a lack of options when it came to good nutritional supplements and a worrying focus on body image rather than true health. Simple had too often been pushed as a byword for good and he felt a more holistic approach to nutrition was missing from the industry. He set about creating a brand that helps people harness the power of good nutrition through healthy supplements and seeks to connect with people on a deeper level. The goal was to create an uplifting brand that sent a positive message to people that you don’t have to look or be a certain way to benefit from a focus on your own health and fitness. Innermost is about enjoying the process as much as the end goal. After all, it’s what’s inside that matters.

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“The new generation of consumers deserve better – functional nutrition products with amazing ingredients that help achieve real results in the healthiest way possible. Our nutrition products aim to help people live bolder, brighter, more balanced lives.”

Shivraj, Founder

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