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Custom designed kettlebells made to look stylish for both working out and as home decor
Jolene McAnuff & Dannielle Tabor Smith
Head Office:
40 Kingwell Road, Barnet, EN4 0HY, London


Kettleboobs are custom designed inspirational kettlebells made to look stylish for both working out and as home decor. They are painstakingly painted to celebrate the differences between women of all shapes and sizes.

In other words, the Boobs seek to show perfection in everyone’s differences. Whether they display uneven breasts or motivational quotes, Kettleboobs are a wonderfully feminist and fun way to express yourself and the differences that make us each unique.


Jolene McAnuff & Dannielle Tabor Smith

Kettleboobs was founded by Jolene and Danni, two friends with very different lives but the same values. Both women believe in living happy and content lives without the need for “perfection”. Together, they wanted to create a business that truly reflected this belief.

One is a mum with two young boys that often struggled to find time to focus on herself and stay healthy and fit. The other is a wellbeing coach that creates online content to encourage women to feel more comfortable in their own skin and view training as a pleasurable activity as opposed to a chore. In other words, a time to centre themselves and be grateful for what their bodies can achieve regardless of societal pressures and ideals.

Danni had been searching for kettlebells that both looked nice on camera for workout videos and served as cute decorations for her small London flat. Jolene, on the other hand, was looking to start a business that allowed her creative juices to flow. Through their combined love of fitness, feminism, and fun, Kettleboobs was born.

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40 Kingwell Road, Barnet, EN4 0HY, London
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Kettlebells…with boobs on them
Women’s Health UK

Like many busy women, Ket­tle­boobs co-founders Jo­lene and Danni fit in their work­outs at home, but found tra­di­tional clunky weights were an eye­sore blight­ing the back­drop of their care­fully cu­rated Pin­ter­est-wor­thy in­te­ri­ors.


“Kettleboobs are beautiful and great equipment to help keep you fit. They can swing, squat, twist, bend, snatch and more. They help develop strength, power, endurance and balance. You can see everyone performing great workout routines with perfect form wherever they are and that’s why I love and recommend Kettleboobs”

Anna Magreehan

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