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Wellness brand specialising in natural vegan/whey protein powders, supplements, and luxury fitness retreats in Ibiza
Kyle and Kelly Maslen
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London, UK
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Our mission is to enable people to live happier and more balanced lives. Through travel and nutrition developed by a professional team of trainers, nutritionists, and therapists, we have created a wonderfully unique community of health-oriented individuals.Community is a huge component of KIN. Happiness, determination, and balance are at the heart of everything we do and we’ve found that maintaining a happy community of like-minded individuals is the best way to empowerment. We like to empower our KIN family through pop-up events, retreats, and online and personal support.

KIN Nutrition was created out of need. The need for a natural, simple, and effective product. Our protein powders were developed through rigorous testing and feedback from 50 of Kyle’s clients, which allowed us craft a product with real people in mind. This process was key to creating a protein powder that both tastes delicious and is made from only the finest ingredients.


Our ingredients are 100% natural and kind to your body. Each has been chosen with a specific function in mind to make you feel your best!


We worked backwards to eliminate unnecessary ingredients by removing what the body doesn’t need. This left us with six core ingredients that we believe are vital for the body. To improve this already perfect blend, we added probiotics and fibre to support digestion.


We wholeheartedly believe that taste and texture are just as important as ingredients. We aim to develop products with flavours that people genuinely enjoy to avoid that artificial and chalky taste many other protein powders have. Through careful testing using real people, we eventually found a winning combination of natural tasting protein powder with a smooth and silky texture.


The KIN Retreat is an all-inclusive week perfectly designed for individuals of all levels of fitness. The week takes guests on a transformative wellbeing journey thanks to our expert team of trainers, chefs, and therapists to provide hybrid training, yoga, workshops, and exceptional cuisine. In addition to delicious food in a beautiful location, we make sure all attendees have a quintessential Ibiza experience. While training hard and reaching goals is important, we thoroughly believe in balance and maintaining an overall healthy attitude towards life – including fun! During our rest day, we make sure guests relax and celebrate their hard work at one of our favourite beach clubs.


2018 marks our sixth season in Ibiza. Our combined knowledge and professional expertise means you will always be in the best hands and leave with a #FitFam for life.



Kyle and Kelly Maslen

Founders Kyle and Kelly Maslen have more than 20 years of combined experience in fitness, yoga, and nutrition. Through their dynamic specialities, they like to think of themselves as the ‘yin and yang’ of health and wellbeing. They pride themselves for staying at the frontline of the ever-evolving fitness industry.

Kyle Maslen is a health and fitness expert with over 10 years of industry experience and is one of London’s top personal trainers. Through his extraordinary wealth of knowledge and expertise, he has trained a variety of GB athletes, celebrities, and top industry executives.

Having studied and worked in the London marketing scene for over 10 years, Kelly Maslen thoroughly understands the increasingly difficult pressures placed upon individuals to manage a balanced lifestyle. After a career burnout, she retrained as a yoga teacher in 2015, created KIN, and now consults corporate wellness programmes. Her passion for yoga also allows her to teach at pop-up sessions around the city.


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“KIN Nutrition is honestly the best tasting vegan protein I have ever tasted”

Claire Sanderson, Editor in Chief, Women’s Health

“I don’t tolerate whey protein well, so to have found a whey protein that agrees with me is just a dream”

Neema Saviddes, Women’s Health Nutritionist

“Great people, great experience, great food, great workouts, great location. I couldn’t ask for a better trip!”

Scott, Retreat Guest

“I’ve made a friend for life, and the best fit fam i could ever ask for!”

Emily, Retreat Guest


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