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Immersive HIIT, boxing, dance and yoga classes featuring intense light displays, great music, impressive DJs, and a team of young and talented instructors
Henry Weston
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13a Albans Close, 14 Leigham Court Road
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Following his work with Rabble, Henry Weston became a strong believer in the power of community within the fitness world. Through attending various fitness classes at boutique studios across London, Henry realised two major things. First, that each venue was trying to recreate a nightclub atmosphere using big sound systems and nightclub-style lighting. These exciting lights and sound can definitely help you power through an exhilarating workout and push you beyond your limits.

Second, Henry also realised that while the great beats and fancy lights were good fun, few studios attempted to foster a positive social environment in addition to these exciting environments. Henry would often go to classes and leave not knowing anything about anyone around him and he felt as though this lack of “community” hindered his progress.

New Motion aims to take the best parts from these renown boutique studios and integrate them with that sense of community you can find at smaller venues. In addition to fun classes lead by talented and enthusiastic instructors, attendees can expect the coolest live DJs, the hottest tunes, the best light display of any studio in London, and even an on-site food garden with a bar! To truly facilitate this sense of community, participants are encouraged to hang out in the beer garden and receive a fabulous 20% off food! This allows them to meet their fellow fitness fanatics and actively socialise with likeminded individuals, ensuring new friendships are formed.

New Motion also hosts bi-monthly events throughout London and happily celebrates attendees’ successes and progress with fun rewards. This is more than just fitness; this is New Motion Fitness.


Henry Weston

Before launching New Motion, founder Henry Weston worked for the outdoor fitness startup Rabble. He truly believed that Rabble had created one of the strongest and most supportive fitness communities in all of London. Using his knowledge of the industry and great social skills, Henry realised he could pair this important sense of community with the exciting lights and music that other fitness studios had started to seriously implement in his own way.

His strong sense of leadership and desire to support his trainees has turned him into a great instructor. Henry can now be found at Lightbox every night of the week to welcome guests, facilitate social interaction, and instruct Box ‘n’ Bass, his signature class. His friendly, energetic, and infectious enthusiasm are noticeable from the start and you’re sure to leave with sore muscles, new friends, and a smile on your face.

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13a Albans Close, 14 Leigham Court Road SW16 2PJ
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New Motion at Lightbox

Lightbox is a compact venue nestled within the Vauxhall arches, close to Vauxhall Station. Usually a vibing club where house music reverberates through to your very soul, this popular South London spot transforms itself during the week into an even sweatier workout space courtesy of fitness collective New Motion.

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New Motion is the new workout that is set to mix up the London Fitness Scene! The concept combines all the best elements of boutique workouts with a love of socialising in a dynamic range of new weekly classes.

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