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Jo Osborne
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We are
Unmasking the truth.

We believe
That transparency, honesty and empowering people before companies is the future.

We are committed
To democratising product data – to making the information that companies and experts already know – available and accessible to everyone – and without any bias or B.S.

So that you are empowered
To make good choices. Every day you have a choice; to make changes to help yourself and others; to be motivated, not manipulated; to be useful, not used; to excel together and not compete. To choose self-esteem and empowerment. To choose not to be a victim, but a product of your decisions.

Take action
Every time you shop, you cast a vote for the kind of world you want, what you deserve and the way you want to be treated.

Be the change you want to see.

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The team: Based on our core values of integrity, self-empowerment and transparency we’re building a team of kickass women to take us to the next stage.



Jo Osborne

I’m Jo Osborne and I founded the app SkinNinja. I’m Australian and am allergic to Sunscreen. Not an ideal combination! I also have sensitive skin, never grew out of ‘teenage acne’ and at the age of 26, was diagnosed with skin cancer. When you get told you have the Big C, little things you ignored start to become big, serious things. You wake up to what you are actually putting on and in your body.

As a former triathlete, I had the “in the body” part nailed, but “on the body” not so much. I didn’t know that some of the products I was using had ingredients in them that were known to affect my health. Why? Because even though world renowned experts such as the World Health Organisation say certain ingredients are harmful to my health, there was no simple way for me to apply these warnings to the products I was using. If it’s important enough for the WHO to list it as a problem, surely it is important enough for that information to be shared with us all in a simple, transparent way?

Which is why I started SkinNinja. We all have a right to know what’s in our skincare and cosmetics. With no BS. Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for how you want companies to treat you. I think about that every time I buy a skin product. I am telling companies that it is okay for them to put a list of ingredients on the back of a packet that I don’t understand. It isn’t.

I just want answers, clearly and simply and without the BS. Can the ingredient affect my health? Does it work? Will it give me a manky rash? It’s impossible to tell – and it shouldn’t be.

I couldn’t find anything that comes even close to giving me those basic answers so with a team of experts, I decided to build something myself. I called it SkinNinja.


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