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Raw, handmade, and organic chocolate sold in over 20 countries and made without soy, dairy, gluten or refined sugars.
Pana Barbounis
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491 Church St, Melbourne, Australia
Whole Foods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Revital, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Infinity, Booths + local and independent retailers



The incomparable taste of Pana Chocolate comes from the careful pairing of the highest quality organic ingredients – natural; just like your love of chocolate.

Founded with the intention of creating a chocolate for everyone regardless of dietary requirements – Pana Chocolate makes people stop, if only for a moment, to enjoy myriad of sensations: cacao melting on the tongue, surprising bursts of citrus or herb, the sweetness of agave, the character of coconut; a sophisticated chocolate that is at once smooth and textured, sweet and spicy. Not just an ordinary chocolate bar, Pana is lovingly handmade without dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar, and hand wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, made from 100% recycled materials and vegetable based inks.



Pana Barbounis

Pana Chocolate was founded by Pana Barbounis in 2012 following a passion for organic, vegan produce and sustainability. After spending months meticulously sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients and developing each recipe from scratch – Pana began making and packing the chocolates by hand and delivering on his scooter to individual stockists. 

Six years later, the philosophy behind the brand hasn’t changed. Each bar is still made by hand, and the company has grown to deliver these little packages of love around Australia, and now – the world.


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491 Church St, Melbourne, Australia
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The raw chocolate lowdown

There’s always a few bars of Pana Chocolate floating around T2 HQ, and we love that they treat their chocolate the way we treat our tea – with plenty of love.

This vegan business makes you feel good about yourself by eating chocolate
Huffpost Australia

Raw, vegan, organic, Fairtrade and certified as kosher and halal — Pana Chocolate is ticking a lot of boxes with its handmade deliciousness. Every product it makes is free from gluten, refined sugar, soy and dairy and is kept as raw as possible.


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