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A natural remedy to combat Rx stimulant side effects
Anastasia Alt, Daniel Freed, Karalyn Zamora
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New York
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Recoop was founded on a simple belief: prescription stimulants should never come with an equal dose of jitters or judgement. Recoop is on a mission to eliminate the side effects and the stigma of mental performance medications, reuniting everyday productivity with everyday wellbeing. The brand’s thoughtfully blended, twice-a-day formulas – Balance and Recovery – reduce the negative side effects of stimulants (like Adderall, Ritalin, Modafinil, and even caffeine), by promoting better focus, lower anxiety and more restful nights. Recoop is manufactured in the US in a cGMP facility according to FDA guidelines and use the highest quality ingredients, which are always vegetarian, gluten free, all natural and cruelty free.

BALANCE Ingredients:

○ ASHWAGANDHA | 300 mg
Relieve Stress – Decrease cortisol, a stress hormone, in the brain.

○ CURCUMIN | 300 mg
Detox Your Body – Support liver function and improve memory.

○ VITAMIN B | 90 mg
Boost Cognition – Regulate mood and ensure neurons remain healthy.

○ COENZYME Q10 | 400 mg
Support Organ Function – Reduce headaches caused by free radicals.

○ L-THEANINE | 300 mg
Stay Focused – Reduce anxiety and improve concentration.

RECOVERY Ingredients:

○ VITAMIN C | 300 mg
○ Cleanse Your Mind – Trigger the natural elimination of stimulants.

○ MELATONIN | 3 mg
Restore Circadian Rhythm – Promote natural sleep patterns.

○ MAGNESIUM | 90 mg
Reduce Tolerance – Reset the body’s neural pathways and reduce tolerance.

○ L-THEANINE | 200 mg
Relieve Stress – Melt away your stress and stimulate GABA production.

○ NALT | 350 mg
Replenish Dopamine – Boosts level of dopamine in the brain.



Anastasia Alt, Daniel Freed, Karalyn Zamora

Founders Dan and Anastasia met as entrepreneurs in New York City with a shared interest in how to access and maintain peak performance. For Dan, the path was through the brain. For Anastasia, the path was through the mind.

Through his first company, Formula, Dan has developed nootropics personalized to an individual’s unique brain chemicals. Through her first company, Pathspark, Anastasia delivers executive coaching to fast growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. The two quickly realized that their health-conscious, high-achieving communities were suffering from similar setbacks: unwanted physical and mental side effects from taking prescription stimulants for focus and concentration.

Their search for a natural remedy was the perfect collision of brain and mind, calling for a deep-dive into scientific solutions and a paradigm shift in the way we think about prescription stimulants. After extensive research, the perfect blend was born. With instant interest in the product, they brought on a third friend and founder, Karalyn, to help produce Dan’s formula at scale.


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“I’ve been using Adderall for years but lately it’s giving me anxiety and jitters. With Recoop, I’ve found the focus I need to work through, while not impacting my emotional state of balance.”

Jason, Lawyer, Age 29

“I take Ritalin daily and it works but I get over-stimulated in the morning and then crash hard in the afternoon. Taking Recoop with Ritalin eliminated the crash!”

Kyle, Wall Street Trader, Age 31


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