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Indulgent treats and snacks using wholesome and natural ingredients
Siddhi Mehta
Head Office:
Wm Brown Registrars, 49 Queens Gardens, W2 3AA London
Food and Drink
J Sainsburys, BP Retail, WH Smith, Costa Coffee, Selfridges, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Revital Health Stores, The Natural Kitchen, Compass Group, BarreCore, Wyvale Garden Centers, and several other independent retailers



Siddhi created Rhythm108 due to the unexpected effects she experienced working in large, fast-paced cities like London. It didn’t take long for Siddhi to notice that oftentimes the forceful nature of these cities created a distinct disconnect between people, their sources of food, and the environment. Siddhi herself started to feel increasingly tired both mentally and physically.

When Siddhi moved to Switzerland and discovered the beauty of the Alps and the wonder and calm they instilled within her, she sought to reinstate a sense of “slowness” and presence in her life. Inspired by visits to local farmers’ markets and her passion to live life at her own pace, Siddhi wanted to create a brand that reflected these values.

108 is a golden number in nature that represents such balance and the brand itself is all about taking a moment to slow down, reconnect with your surroundings and your loved ones, and enjoy life. This is entirely reflected in the way each delicious product is made. Using only wholesome and organic ingredients, each product is hand-crafted by trained patissiers in a bakery on the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Siddhi wholeheartedly believes that it’s the small and simple things in life that make the biggest differences and in today’s fast-paced world and finding your own “rhythm” is integral to overall happiness and health.

These tasty yet wholesome treats are now stocked in over 3000 locations, including Sainsbury’s, WH Smith, and Planet Organic. They have also won two Great Taste awards and three Quality Food awards.



Siddhi Mehta

Rhythm108 is the result of the disconnection Siddhi Mehta experienced living in fast-paced cities around the world. She wanted to bring about true change to the food and drink industry by creating a company where trust and mindfulness remain at the forefront of the business. Today, Rhythm108 now makes indulgent but wholesome treats crafted by trained patissiers. Each delicious snack is the product of careful trial and error with natural and organic ingredients. In short, Siddhi is all about finding balance in our lives through how we choose to consume.

Siddhi has taken the business from a small market stand to an incredibly lucrative business. After graduating with a MEng in Engineering from Oxford University and consulting for McKinsey and Co., you can now typically find Siddhi enjoying the outdoors, skiing or hiking in the wilderness, or just on an adventure in her vintage yellow Fiat 500.


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