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Fluoride-free, natural and clinically effective toothpaste using non-toxic, pure ingredients
John Estrada, Kori Estrada, and Dr. Derek Gatt
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Introducing Risewell, a fluoride-free, clinically effective natural toothpaste that uses the highest quality non-toxic ingredients to provide exceptional oral care. Instead of simply removing the toxic ingredients found in traditional toothpastes, RiseWell swaps in 100% safe and natural alternatives that clean and protect just as effectively. Most natural toothpastes don’t work as well as traditional fluoride toothpastes; and if they do, they’re likely not as toxin-free as they claim to be. Risewell co-founders John and Kori Estrada challenged themselves to create a clean-ingredient toothpaste that protects, whitens, and freshens like toothpaste should.

RiseWell’s toothpaste is made with naturally-derived hydroxyapatite (the gold standard ingredient in Japan), a mineral that makes up 90% of tooth enamel and has been scientifically proven to strengthen and protect without fluoride. Backed by their team of board-certified dentists and doctors, Risewell is committed to using the very best ingredients, no matter the cost, to deliver oral care products that are both incredibly effective and 100% clean.



John Estrada, Kori Estrada, Dr Derek Gatt

When co-founders John and Kori Estrada were pregnant with their son Leo, they made a commitment to avoid any products that could be harmful to their growing family. After analyzing their daily self-care and household products, they realized there was a void in natural toothpastes that were effective without the use of harmful ingredients. It was then that they took it upon themselves to create a compromise-free toothpaste that was both clean and scientifically effective.

Kori’s brother Dr. Derek Gatt, a registered dentist for over 10 years, helped Kori and John and scour the world for the best ingredients and test every product available, all in an effort to provide families like theirs with the most effective, natural oral care possible.

Scientific Council

Adam Silevitch, DMD

Sonny Torres Oliva DDS

Dr. Jana Gyurina

Robin Berzin MD, Founder & CEO of Parsley Health

George Reskakis, DDS

Dr. Derek Gatt, DMD MS FACP


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“This toothpaste is amazing!! It tastes fresh and leaves your mouth feeling clean, best of all its a better alternative to all the other toothpastes out there! Try it, if you haven’t already!”


“If you care about your teeth, you’ll switch to RiseWell toothpaste. It’s great for your teeth and you can actually feel good about allowing your kids to use it as well. Cleans well, flavor is fantastic and breath is fresh after using it! Highly recommend.”


“Loving this toothpaste. Great taste & Teeth feel super clean and kids love it too! Great find for whole family!!!! Love Love Love!!!”


“We absolutely love this toothpaste! Beyond the great mint taste and how it leaves my teeth clean, it is all natural and safe vs. fluoride products. That’s a good thing too because I found my two year old daughter in the bathroom one day after she had eaten half a tube! Luckily it was RiseWell and completely safe for her (now she loves brushing her teeth). This is a must try for Moms!!”



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