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Fresh, handcrafted, vegan and gluten-free hot sauce made daily in the New York area
Sufia Hossain
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New York, NY
Food & Drink, Wellness
Chelsea Market Basket, Kalustyan’s, Orchard Grocer, Westerly Natural Market, Garden of Eden, Food Cellar Market, Stinky BKLYN, Food Town Williamsburg, Organic Planet & Pharmacy, Mekelbur’s, W.B Mason, and the official hot sauce of WeWork


Silly Chilly is committed to working solely with local farmers in NJ and NY to source peppers and create small batches of vegan and gluten-free hot sauces. Silly Chilly Hot Sauces do not contain any additives, sugar, or synthetic chemicals. Most importantly, all flavors are made with organic apple cider vinegar, which is well known for its variety of health benefits and adds a unique touch to their concoctions. Silly Chilly’s line also includes a tangy condiment made of fresh mangoes, mustard oil and spices: Silly Chilly Mango Achar.

Three Vegan & Gluten Free Flavors:

1) Fresh Mango and Sweet Peppers – mild

2) Serrano & Chipotle – hot

3) Habanero – super hot


Sufia Hossain

Sufia Hossain opened Silly Chilly’s doors in 2016 after a robust career in fashion left her looking for a new challenge. An FIT grad, Sufia was inspired to get into the hot sauce game after noticing that were not many healthy options for those that like to turn up the heat but keep it clean. Once she broke into the industry, she became further determined to succeed when she noticed the distinct lack of female entrepreneurs working alongside her. What may seem like a strange career change is rooted in Sufia’s childhood; she grew up as a first-generation Bangladeshi immigrant and was therefore constantly immersed in the rich and spicy flavors of South Asian cuisines.

Sufia lives in Queens, NY and is constantly on the run, doing everything from teaching hot sauce masterclasses to travelling around the NY area to oversee all aspects over her business. She dreams of one day winning the national prize of “healthiest hot sauce”.

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New York, NY
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Customer Testimonials

“I loved that you can taste the hint of garlic in the mango pepper sauce.”

“The heat [in the Habanero] comes slowly but it’s powerful!”

“I really liked the smokiness…”

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