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Alex Hind, Stephanie Newport-booth
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Founders Alex Hind and Stephanie Newport-Booth share a vision to reinvent how people see sport, physically in it’s accessibility and mentally in how it is perceived.

GoSweat’s journey started whilst Alex and Steph were road tripping along California’s iconic Pacific Coast Highway. They were on vacation from their roles as Aldi Area Managers, having successfully completed the infamous Grad scheme. For virtually the entire vacation Alex and Steph couldn’t stop talking about exercise, but more specifically about how people found it.

They’d both had to relocate several times since leaving university and had felt first-hand the frustration of having to either manually compare search results or rely on word-of-mouth to find ways to exercise. The process felt completely outdated, especially when compared to the travel, beauty or take-away industries, which have all seen marketplaces transform their Users experience.

Determined to plug the gap in the fitness industry, Alex and Steph quit their jobs and brought the “GoSweat” domain, the very same day they landed. Since then, they have grown the GoSweat squad to 14, and have built the largest, most diverse, Sports Marketplace in the UK. Allowing Users to simply search for the best, most local sports and fitness, that suits them. With over 10,000 weekly activities to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We understand that many view fitness as a “chore” or “necessary evil”. But by placing a premium on convenience and promoting the fun and social aspects of working out, GoSweat is determined to provide fitness at one’s fingertips and promote an active lifestyle, one sweat drop at a time.



Alex Hind

Alex is a Cheerleader, not literally pompom wielding (unfortunately), but he does instill enthusiasm and drive performance, and has been known to do the occasional jig.

He’s not too shabby on the pitch either, having played representative sport in Rugby, Cricket and Tennis, whilst also being offered a Football contract.

Stephanie Newport-booth

Steph is the planner, she dreams big, plans and implements business strategies. Before GoSweat, Steph worked in high pressure Retail Management, as an Area Manager overseeing 3 supermarkets.

She studied Human Geography and some how managed to write her dissertation on the sitcom Friends and still come out with a First!


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GoSweat is a marketplace for the Sports Industry.


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