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The H Collective has developed and curated an ever-growing network of over forty thousand content creators with a combined following of over 500MM to help businesses increase their brand awareness and relevancy as a thoughtful and streamlined solution to the stale influencer marketing formula.Based in San Francisco, the H Collective is a self-funded team founded by James Cole, who’s background in the traditional NYC world of advertising, taught him the importance of creating a strong and well-shaped brand narrative through a modern lens.

The H Collective accepts less than 20% of applicants, using unrivaled technology to accommodate the vetting process.

The H Collective is poised to become the operating system for how those who need content find those who create content.


James Cole

The H Collective Founder, James Cole, started his career in the world of traditional advertising at Young & Rubicam in New York. While at Y&R as a brand strategist, Cole learned the meaning of creating and defining a well-shaped brand narrative and filtering it through a modern and original lens.

Cole moved on from Y&R and was named Creative Studio Lead at We Heart It. During his tenure, he conceived and managed all editorial and original content and built a community of creators in an effort to generate content, improve their social presence and launched their most successful marketing campaign to date. More importantly, this was where Cole realized the power of using a decentralized creator network to create content at supreme scale.

The idea for The H Collective was born from the goal of creating high-quality, evolved content in an effort to raise brand awareness and turn the stale formula of “influencer marketing” on its head.

Now with a self-funded team with a captive community of 40k creative influencers with over 500MM in collective reach, The H Collective is the go-to operating system for how those who need content find those who create content.

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Influencer marketing is dead. The H Hub killed it.

The H Hub is pioneering a new system of decentralized content creation with their community-driven content engine — replacing influencer marketing in the process.

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